Success is teamwork

The many years of experience of our staff and their direct day-to-day contact with you, the customer, add to the quality of our products. Teamwork and short communication channels are also of key importance to us.

Over the years, our team has grown into an experienced and close-knit community. Today, the dhs team consists of 20 employees and 2 trainees, of whom we are especially proud.

General contractor for
“Professional Imaging” worldwide

As a medium-sized family enterprise, we have established ourselves in the international market since the beginning of the 1990s with our own imaging software for QA and lab areas.

Today, we also offer a wide range of services associated with the software solution as well as suitable hardware for imaging and data management.

A perfect full-service package, customisable to your individual needs.

The future begins today.

Every day we diagnose, develop and plan in order to enhance the quality of our products and achieve all-round quality for our customers.

Our Competencies


Archiving, recording, processing, analysis and documentation.


System installation, individual programming, training, consulting, microscope maintenance / repair and service contract.


Microscopes, digital microscope cameras, macroscopes, lighting equipment and PC systems.