Weld Seam Measurement

= Software module for weld seam measurement and for evaluation welded joints –  especially developed for weld seam measurement alongside the production process – according to DIN ISO 5817 (steel, nickel, titanium) and DIN EN ISO 10042 (aluminium)

  • Test procedure performed during production that is also streamlined since reproducible measurement profiles are created for all inspections and components
  • Direct evaluation is possible during the test procedure by displaying the tolerance deviation, warning limits
  • Statistical evaluations for long-term assessment of the production process

Method: for checking welds under the microscope or with dhs EasyController by means of grinding samples (weld thickness, weld width, material thickness, gap width, penetration, welding depth, pore diameter of inclusions, etc.)


  • steel construction in accordance with DIN EN 1090
  • car manufacture
  • manufacture of pressure vessels
  • construction of road and railway bridges
  • manufacture of rolling stock
  • pipeline construction


Weld seam (PDF: 759 KB) Download
dhs-EasyController (PDF: 758 KB) Download