dhs-Macroscope – freely combinabel!

The dhs-Macroscope is a useful solution for applications in the low-magnification range. It provides excellent quality for simple visual assessments and measurement tasks. The individual modules can be combined freely and are optionally expandable with a dhs-MicroCam®.


The dhs-Macroscope consists of:

  • Base plate with column
  • Click-stop zoom with interchangeable lens 
  • Z-drive (vertically adjustable)

Optional components:

  • x/y-table
  • cold light source
  • dhs-MicroCam®


Kaiser camera tripod with canon – quick overview images, portable!

As an alternative to the macroscope, we can offer you a Kaiser camera tripod in combination with a Canon EOS series camera. The camera is simply attached to the stand, already featuring integrated lighting.

The Canon camera can be easily removed from the stand for use elsewhere, e.g. overview images at a different location.

During image capture all of the calibrations are automatically transferred from the camera. Subsequent transfer to the dhs Image Data Base for further processing is ensured.

Detailed information can be found in our

Data sheet dhs-Macroscopie (PDF: 507 KB) Download
Data sheet sell off demo units (PDF: 432 KB) Download

dhs-EasyController – efficient and fast to the result!

With dhs-EasyController we offer a compact, inverse optical system with an

  • integrated digital camera (4,92 Mpix, CMOS, USB 3.0)
  • LED ring light

housed in a compact stainless steel box.

The dhs-Softwaremodules for acquisition, measuring and reporting are provided opionally as required. In combination with dhs-Software the dhs-EasyController becomes a “multi-tool” for image capture, image measurement (e.g. weld seam) and reporting.

The samples from production are placed directly on the glass pane and the measurement procedure can begin – with no time-consuming prior application of the sample and focusing. The surface of the sample is always at the same distance from the camera.

Four device versions are offered with solid object field sizes, corresponding to optical magnification.


In conjunction with the integrated optical system, the software ensures perfect image quality in the live image.

Target and actual values can be compared and tolerance values determined quickly, warning limits are adjusted from measured value. All images and data are then compiled in a report.

Detailed information can be found in our

Data sheet dhs-EasyController (PDF: 758 KB) Download