Microscopes / optical systems

To view and examine your components, compounds and samples , dhs Solution provides you with the right

  • microscopes and material analyses

and matching accessories, such as

  • lighting
  • lenses
  • eyepieces
  • tables
  • sample holders
  • object micrometer

One supplier  for a complete system – individually configured!


Product example:
Leica DM 4000 with dhs-MicroCam and LED lighting

As an authorised Leica dealer, we offer different models for sophisticated microscopy – tailored to your needs!


Product example:
ZEISS Discovery, dhs-MicroCam®, control unit and auxiliary lighting

Other popular models are: ZEISS Stemi, AxioImager, AxioLab.

As a ZEISS dealer, we provide you with high-quality microscopes for your optical analyses and evaluations – just ask us!



MEIJI microscopes are a perfect match for the dhs Image Data Base and dhs-MicroCams® – we supply the right microscopes and accessories for all budgets and needs!

Detailed information can be found in our

Data sheet Microscope and Accessories (PDF: 468 KB) Download
Data sheet sell off demo units (PDF: 432 KB) Download