With dhs-Basic, we offer an affordable software solution to capture images for individual workstations and to measure them. Additional dhs tools can be added to dhs Basic as a way of optimising images, comparing them, creating special metallographic analyses, transporting data and generating reports. Usage areas include industry, QA, labs, research and teaching. dhs Basic is completely independent of specific interfaces in terms of the available hardware. Operation is self-explanatory, clearly arranged and intuitive. The software can be installed quickly and easily.

The following overview shows the differences to the dhs Image Data Base:

Performance list (PDF: 121 KB) Download
dhs-Basic New solutions from version 2020 (PDF: 456 KB) Download



Image measurement

  • Two-dimensional measurement and labelling of stored images
  • Creation of overlays, e.g. for subsequent insertion into a live camera image
  • Measuring functions: Including line, area,circular, angle and drop perpendicular
  • Help functions:
    Scale bars, zoom, creation and display of rulers, number of objects, insertion of arrows, texts, guides

More information about Image measurement you can find in our

Data sheet Measurement (PDF: 284 KB) Download

Image capturing

  • dhs Basic manages all image sources, including dhs-MicroCam, and image sources with Twain drives installed on computers, REM
  • Large, fast live image on the monitor
  • Comprehensive automated functions and setting options directly in the live image, including white balance, exposure time
  • Clearly structured user menu

Information at a glance

  • Software solution to capture and measure images
  • Modular, expandable functionality – depending on application
  • Intuitive and clearly structured opertion
  • Open selection of image source and optical system
  • Updating capability with the dhs Image Database
  • Comprehensive measurement functions
  • Automatic functions for image capture
  • Simple installation


Expansion with the dhs portfolio:

  • Individually combinable with other image-processing modules from the dhs software portfolio:

    • Depth of field, Panorama
    • Weld seam
    • Metal Sections
    • HDR
    • Analysis of pores, phases and grain size
    • Data import / export
    • generate reports

Available services

  • Updating capability on the dhs Image Database for comprehensive data management, archiving for easy data management
  • Service-Contingent
  • dhs-Care
    (support, free updates & 5% discount of all dhs-products)
System requirements for installation dhs-Basic (PDF: 44 KB) Download
Data sheet “dhs-Basic” (PDF, 241 KB) Download

Image management / storage

  • Up to 300 images possible in the image buffer, incl. 5 data fields for subsequent report preparation