User trainings

The dhs Image Data Base can only be utilised successfully and efficiently by users who are proficient in using the programme and its enormous array of features. 

For this, we offer training for different target groups and interests to teach you all you need to know to work professionally.

Our applications specialists come directly to your workplace to make the training as application-specific as possible; several employees can take part in this training at the same time.

Our target groups:

  • For Users: Individual in-house training courses for your company. They are specifically tailored to dhs Image Data Base users and their professional needs.
  • For Administrators: Participants learn about setting up and managing user accounts, integrating and managing the network, installing updates and configuring the dhs Image Data Base.
  • For Programmers: Here you get comprehensive KnowHow on custom programming within the dhs Image Data Base – for automating routine tasks, interchanging data with existing software (such as data bases, LIMS, PPS systems, etc.), controlling peripherals, computing operations, plausibility checks etc.

Your benefits:

  • First-hand information from our developers
  • Highly individual assistance from our instructors
  • Individual agreement of time  


A brief and concise summary of all the services and your benefits can be found in this PDF document: 

Individual training (PDF: 415 KB) Download


We will be happy to make you an offer – please contact us.