EVO Cam II (Full HD)

Inspection without eyepiece – perfect details in the shortest time!

Objects are automatically focused and displayed with high depth of field on the monitor. Modern digital technology delivers fast and reliable results for component or object testing in the fields of electronics, automotive, precision mechanics, medical technology, plastics and many more.

The EVO Cam II digital microscope can be configured for a wide range of applications in the production environment as well as in the laboratory and QA.

  • flexible design of the operating distance
  • large field of view
  • different tripod variants, lenses, polarisation filters
  • various illumination
  • sliding table

provide a suitable user-specific solution.

Convenient operating features as 

  • create profiles for camera settings and measurement parameters
  • display overlays, scalable grids, virtual calipers and comparsion images

provide fast and reliable evaluation of objects.


dhs Imager Acquisition Module for EVO CAM II

Special features

  • Interval shooting
  • Reticule
  • Image comparisons on top of each other in the live image
  • Shading, artifact filter
  • Enlargement can be controlled via direct input of values
  • Show annotations in live image



EVO Cam II Full HD 360° angle optics

  • 360° all-round view with angle optic
    (without moving objects)
  • hidden details on vertical components become visible
  • convenient change between the 360° rotatable oblique image and the conventional vertical view
  • with integrated 8-point LED-Ringlight



Technical information in the overview

  • Optical magnification 1.7x – 300x
  • Max. Magnification with digital zoom 3600x
  • Clear images without motion blur
  • Large field of view, flexible operating distance
  • Optical equipment individually configurable, e.g. with 360° angle lens
  • Fast image transfer with WiFi and USB 3.0
  • Automated operation through camera presets
  • Connection to dhs software for professional image processing and analysis for reproducible results
  • Convenient and time-saving reporting with the dhs software




The digital dhs-world!

The EVO Cam II digital microscope is perfectly integrated into the dhs software. With the right dhs tools for professional image processing and analysis we offer all possibilities for digital image processing and documentation.

We will be happy to advice you and work with you to put togehter the right configuration – contact us!


Detailed information can be found in our

Data sheet Digital Microscopy and Accessories EVO Cam II (PDF: 398 KB) Download