Digital microscope cameras

The choice of source in the digital world of images is enormously important. This is why our dhs Solution offering comes with its own digital microscope camera series – dhs-MicroCam®. dhs-MicroCam® is used in light microscopy, stereo microscopy and macroscopy. Our cameras can be adapted as an image source to all optical systems using the standardised C-mount thread.

All dhs-MicroCams® are integrated into dhs Image Data Base and dhs-Basic through their software. As a result, all convenient tools such as

  • live image functions and
  • parameter setting and saving

are available to you.

The dhs-MicroCams® feature a variety of CMOS-sensor sizes (1/2”, 2/3″ and 1”) and resolution variants to ensure that the right image source can be found for each scenario.

Find additional information in the technical details or data sheet.