The dhs-Care service contract offers you real added value and security for your dhs-Software  allowing you to:

  • maintain operational readiness
  • receive ongoing updates
  • benefit from new developments

With the conclusion of the dhs-Care service contract you secure your immediate help, e.g. in case of system malfunctions- without bureaucratic and addidional expenses.

You also benefit from other advantages:

  • 2-hour service quota that you can use however you like
  • 5% discount on all dhs products for the duration of the contract


A brief and concise summary of all the services and your benefits can be found in this PDF document: 

dhs-Care (PDF: 371 KB) Download



As an alternative to a maintenance contract, we offer dhs-2Care. Here you get all the services provided by dhs-Care – for a limited period of 2 years from the date of invoice. The 5% discount on all dhs products does not apply in this case. The advantage here lies in the unbureaucratic handling without any aperwork and without maintenance contract.

The service is calculated and charged for 2 years at the same time as the order is placed.

If you are already using a dhs Image Data Base and would like to ensure permanent software maintenance and service, this is of course also possible – just ask us using the contact form.