Under our Image Archiving product group we have combined all of the software tools for:

  • Database design
  • Data management
  • Licence management of several licenses (also across multiple locations)
  • Data transfer

The “control centre” of our dhs Image Data Base is the modul Database, which is always required as the basis for all other applications.


  • the Module database is the cornerstone and “control centre” of the dhs Image Data Base.

    All objects, data sets and file types are managed here centrally in one place by means of a freely editable data tree.

    Using the “data base designer” you can freely configure data base fields in terms of their form, function and layout – the link function offers the option of linking objects and data together.

    The key features at a glance:

    • Free choice of the image source and optical system
    • Managing and editing images and files with different formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, CAD files, audio/video sequences, etc. )
    • Integration into company networks
      (Floating-Licecence-Principle for several work stations)
    • Expandable with over 20 additional software tools
    • Selection and data search are possible (“Search function”)
    • Induitive operation and clear menu navigation through grafical user interface
    • Image viewer with gallery function: for quick overview, selecting and optimising images
    • Live image comparisons
    • Labelling, calibration and scaling functions
    • Send images directly via e-mail
    • Working with serveral different databases is supported

    Detailed information can be found in our

    Database data sheet (PDF: 761 KB) Download


    In various tabs are versatile and individual database fields available. This guarantees the transfer and further use of proven workflows without any problems.

    Clear design of the Object Strip. All addidional modules are available on the left. The selection can be arranged and linked individually.


  • The database ONE is the basic application for stand-alone solutions, which are operated separately from the network. All images, objects, data sets and file types are managed and archived here centrally – identical to our basic module data base.

    Detailed information can be found in our

    Data sheet Database ONE (PDF: 658 KB) Download


    Database ONE PRO

    A low-cost combi package with the expansition modules capture imgages, measurement, report, depth of field and panorama included.

  • An inexpensive way to provide information in-house. Viewer licences grant authorised individuals read access to your data base(s). The write protection prevents information from being accidentally modified or deleted (images can be printed using the clipboard and the direct-print function). 

    The Viewer module allows authorised persons a reading access to your database(s), but avoids unintentional changes or deletion of data.


  • The data import and export feature makes it easy to transfer master data conveniently to another data pool or data sets updated. Data can also be stored or exchanged independently of the dhs Image Data Base, e.g. for viewing by customers, or to be compared or evaluated.


    Detailed information can be found in our

    Data sheet Import / Export (PDF: 232 KB) Download


    Selecting data

    • straight from the data tree of the source data base

    Variety of export settings

    • complete data base branch
    • individual field assignment
    • images, diagrams and tables are selectable individually
    • Bilder, Diagramme, Tabellen einzeln selektierbar

    The selected data tree is shown for the target data base. All data can be attached or overwritten there.

    Data transfer

    • via compressed, executable file (zip archive)
    • viewer is always supplied

    The recipient can now look at the data or transfer it to their existing data base structure.