You can connect a large number of different image sources to the dhs Image Data Base: from the digital microscope cameras (see our dhs-MicroCam range), scanners, digital photo cameras and scanning electron microscopes, through to X-ray machines and interferometers.

Image-related data can already be entered directly during image capture. A large and fast live image, as well as comprehensive automatic functions (e.g. white balance, exposure time etc.), ensures perfect ergonomics on the monitor.


Image capture:

With dhs Capture module it is possible to connect various image sources to the dhs Image Data Base – with an easy-to-learn user interface and many live imagd functions.

Capture-module for EVO Cam II:

With special features for controlling the camera and direct input of the desired magnification via the monitor.



With only one software tool the following image sources are supported and only one licence is necessary (depending on licence model):

  • dhs-MicroCam range: for direct interfacing between the dhs Image Data Base, dhs-Basic and the dhs digital camera range
  • TWAIN: for interfacing with devices installed on the PC that ship out with a TWAIN driver
  • Canon EOS: especially for the Canon EOS series
  • Zeiss: for controlling all Zeiss cameras
  • EVO Cam II-Digital Microscope-Full HD: with special features for controlling the camera 

With a separately software-tool REM-Microscopes and Keyence-Systems are supported.

  • REM and Keyence: 
    for controlling all REM-Microscopes and Keyence-Systems


Detailes Information can be found in our

Data sheet Capture (PDF: 414 KB) Download